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Pooper Scooper Service
1 time per week for 1 dog $8.95/wk!

add $2/wk per extra dog.


Pooper scooper + Mowing + Weed Eating + Side walk clean up + Dog Walking + pet visit + Feed and water =huge discounts!


We also do one time

Big Cleanups-free 


We are now offering bundle services! 


Bundle package 1 includes poop scooping, mowing, weed eating, driveway/sidewalk clean as low as $35 per week (each additional dog $2)


Bundle package 2 includes 20 min. dog walk, poop scooping, feed/water, 20 min. playtime with dog as low as $40 per visit (each additional dog $2)


Bundle package 3 includes all of Package 1 and 2 (poop scooping, mowing, weed eating, driveway/sidewalk cleanup, dog feed and water, 20 min. playtime/visit plus 20 min. walk for as low as $65 per week (each additional dog $2)

Hi everyone! Lisa and Tim have learned to be courageous and to never give up in life. We own a dog pooper scooper service. We have learned in life that in order to be truly free that you must create something for yourself. You need to spend more time with your family and be a part of your community. We love animals and people. Life is so fun and we just want to have more time to enjoy it. That is why we started this business. 

Learn how to get all your lawn care services bundled into one low price!
(541) 519-9155


Most big cleanups only take an hour for us!
Take a rest. You deserve it.



7:30am-7pm DAILY
Saturday-Sunday CLOSED